Saturday, June 24, 2006

Design*Notes, Michael Surtees, Review thoughts

This blog is a personal blog which explores many differenet themes surrounding design and culture. Short posts and reflections on his current context and surroundings. Scrapbooked and discussional. Accessible in style. Doesn't review designs with a high degree of complexity although it is important to acknowledge that this is not the authors intentions. Blog is for personal reflection and recording of thoughts.

Although the element of review is not highly complex, this style of blog, a personal and reflective style actually provokes quite a high level of reflective judgement.
"They also readily admit their willingness to reevaluate the adequacy of their judgments as new data or new methodologies become available" King & Kitchener.
A casual and personal tone allows for people to change their minds as well as to be less certain. Random thoughts allow us to write without censoring so much, the things we write don't need the same level of certainty we feel when we write with a highly intellectual tone.

I find this quite interesting, because I have noticed that Reflective Reasoning in itself I doubt requires an intellectual writing style, but a reflective writing style. I know that sounds obvious, but a higher level of reasoning often will make me think that an intellectual tone needs to increase, although, perhaps (I am not certain about this), the less certain we sound, often sounding less intellectual, we will be more reflective...


At 2:15 pm, Anonymous Michael Surtees said...

Thanks for taking the time to reflect on my blog. I don't get a lot of feedback so to read your observations is quite compelling.


At 4:22 pm, Blogger Jemma said...

I wasn't expecting your comments, but I'm glad to receive them. I am writing reviews for a university subject at the moment and I'm using your blog as one of the blogs I am reviewing. That was just my initial thoughts, so I'll post more in the next couple of days.

At 2:20 am, Anonymous michael surtees said...

Good luck and thanks for including me in the discussion. My blog is a work in progress, so it's interesting to hear what others think of it.


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